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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vanna, I'll take a K

So... I'm still soldering.  Trying to get it just right. 
 I figure everyone is tired of seeing the charms.  
Here's something else I'm working on. 
 Karla over at Karla's Cottage is hosting a Wizard of Oz tag swap.  
Usually, I make 6 completely different tags.  
For some reason this tag just made me laugh.  
So I made six all the same.
This is the back side.  I have quite a few old Monopoly houses.  I thought they looked cute with the tornado.  Funny, I don't actually  think seeing one's house flying through a tornado is cute.
The flying monkeys scared the heck out of me as a kid. When I started,  I wanted this to be colorful and full of Munchkins, Glinda and rainbows.  It just wouldn't happen.  Instead I ended up making a cartoon Dorothy with Toto biting Mr. Flying Monkey's buns. 
 And speaking of Glinda, does anyone besides me think that it was really, REALLY, rotten of Glinda not to share with Dorothy one, eensy, weensy, important fact? 

 Such as:


Borrowing from Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer
wouldn't this qualify as something that would have been good to know yesterday??
 She fought the flying monkeys, the witch, and that crazy coot of a Wizard, 
only to find out that
"you've always had the power to return home"
Don't get me wrong, I adore the Wizard of Oz, but as I get older
 I think Glinda was holding out on  the goods 
and waiting to throw poor Dorothy under the proverbial bus.

On with goodness, sunshine and crafts, oh my...
Oh, look.  
More soldering pictures.
But wait...
These are made with postage stamps.
Real postage stamps.

I've saved these for a long time.  You can tell by the .39 price.
Do we even still use stamps?
Don't we just paste a dollar bill to the front of the envelope now?
Oh, Micky you're so fine,
You're so fine,
You blow my mind
Hey Mickey!
I love this one. And it's really a stamp.  No copies here. 
No sirree.
"A dream is a wish you're heart makes"
I love this one, too.
It also is a real stamp and not a copy.
Don't you want to know
why I'm so vigilant about letting you know
that these are real stamps?
I considered copying them.
That way I'd have several to work with.
That is until I read this!
 (Cue loud music chord)
According to Title 18 of the United States Code
Section 501
it says, and I quote:
Whoever makes or prints, or authorizes to be made or printed, any postage stamp, postage meter stamp, stamped envelope, or postal card, of the kind authorized and provided by the Postal Service, without the special authority and direction of the Postal Service...
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

I could be incarcerated for crafts?
I don't wish to share a cell
with a short, squat bald man named Mumbles.

so I started making these:
The Scrabble people don't care what you do with their stuff.


Cameron said...

Funny, funny! Thank you for a pick me up in the slump hours of my afternoon ;-D

Into Vintage said...

I've heard they have crafts in prison too...

When I was a kid, my big brothers would sneak up behind me and make that noise the flying monkeys made because they knew it freaked me out. Good times.

Terri Kahrs said...

You ALWAYS make me smile!!! And, to tell you the truth . . . those flying monkeys still scare the living daylights out of me!!! LOVE your tags AND the stamp charms!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

Susan said...

Those charms are so adorable....I'LL take an "S" Miss Kathy! Love the tags too. I think we might even know a few of those flying monkeys. I won't mention names. Ummmm...did you do any cooking or cleaning this week-end or just the crafts? JK Susan said...

I'd slip on my ruby shoes and fly out to visit you in prison.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

You are so funny! Speaking of working in the library (as I did in a comment on your first post), I had a kindergartner once tell me "Library" (that's what many of the little kids called me - Mrs. Jorgensen was just too big a mouthful) Anyway, he said "Library, you look just like the wicked witch of the east. Is that you in that movie?" One of the priceless moments for me in that part of my work life.

Well, who wasn't scared of those flying monkeys. I remember hiding behind the chair to watch that part with just one eye. Your tag made me smile, smile, smile! How perfectly made!

And there you are doing that brave soldering that I'm still chicken to try! Lovely charming charms!

Gretz said...

Thank you for the Dorothy tag which arrived yesterday!