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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary To Me and My Dear Husband

Mothers unite!  Put your party hat on and boogie your bad self down... (okay, so THAT was a little dated)

I don't know where I found this picture.
I've had it in a file
for a very, very
long time.
Or maybe
last Tuesday.
I'm old.
My memory isn't
what it used to be.
If it's yours
I apologize.

Happy Mother's Day, girls!!
it's also my
wedding anniversary

Here's a picture of us
the day we were married.

Not really.

I found this somewhere
ages ago on the
World Wide Web.

Remember when we
called it that?

Again, I apologize
for not knowing where
it came from.

But tell me the truth.  Wouldn't you LOVED to have attended
THAT party?!?

If you knew me, you'd understand. ... really, you would...

Have a wonderful Sunday whatever you're doing.  Monday will be here before you know it.
(just doing my job keeping us all grounded in reality)

2 comments: said...

Happy Anniversary to you!

(and great wallpaper in your wedding photo)

Rebecca said...

Hi Kathy
Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful mothers day... My daughter and I went to Bloomin Gardens in the morning and then barbequed in the afternoon with the rest of the family that is here... it was a great day!
I hope you have a great week and I love your wedding photo :) What is he supposed to be anyway?