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Friday, May 21, 2010

Another one of life's lessons.

Today, on a whim, I decided to visit this place:
The Bountiful Barn in
Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
It's about a 40 minute
drive from where I live.
You can read all about
it here:

I call my dear friend Susan, to ask if she'd like to come along.  Yes, she would.
Off we go.
3 trains,  several street closures (due to Taste of Glen Ellyn which appears to be happening this weekend), and a few detours later - we arrive.

to find out


they are

closed ON FRIDAY!!!!

Not to be disappointed we head over to this place:

Vintage Living

Take a look.  It's a wonderful shop.  Rebecca (the shop owner)  is the sweetest, friendliest, most giving person.  You'd love to shop here.  Trust me.  I love to shop there.

We pull up to the Vintage Living Store.

"Oh look.  There's a sign on the door.  Can you read it?"


You read right.


Oh well, we will stop in again another day.

Not to be deterred, oh no, we are two plucky, hard to beat down ladies, we head off to a nearby estate sale.
We pull up at 10 minutes to 3.
Guess what?
It closed at 3.
Yup, the woman running the sale was pulling up signs as we were pulling in.
We headed home.
It started to rain.
You know you have a good friend when you can spend over 2 hours in the car to go nowhere, to find nothing, to spend no money, and laugh the entire time.

Oh - we did find another estate sale.

They didn't have anything I wanted.

The end.


Michelle Palmer said...

Oh no... good that you can laugh with a friend! Most of our antique/thrift/goody shops are closed on Mondays. Did hear of some that will begin closing on Fridays so they can go to garage sales for restocking...
I'm so glad you're pleased with your art treasures! Makes me smile~
Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Susan said...

Hahahahahaha....I really did have fun!! Could we just please go back to those two beer Fridays?? Look at the clock...yes we are slow here today. Tee Hee Susan