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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christmas sheep and bird's nests

Today is when we "spring forward."  I took that literally.  I got up way too early and started dragging out a few springy things.
I found this little chippy white stand at the Goodwill last year.  It fit the cloche perfectly.  I've had this nappy little nest for quite a few years.  It tucked into the cloche just like it was meant to be there.
This is a tiny cloche I purchased at Anthropologie.  Looking at this photo I realize that it has a crack in it.  I tend to crack or break many, many things.  I've pondered and pondered this thinking that truly there must be a meaning.  Do I feel that I'm too transparent?  Do I feel that I fear perfection?  Naww.....none of that.
                                          It just means -
                                                      I'm a clutz!!
I put the glass bottle I made a few weeks ago (it also has a crack in it) up on the mantle with an old candlestick holding a glass globe (with NO crack yet) .
My daughter made this house clock eons ago.  I purchased the little white bird and the bust of a young girl at - where else? - the Goodwill.  I'm going to alter the young girl.
                                          GADS!  That sounded hideous!!  
I just mean that I'll be adding fairy wings and collaged bits.

And - here's the poor little Christmas lamb.  Still tucked way up in the corner on a shelf.  I'll put him away with the other Christmas things.  I forgot all about him.  At least, he's not breakable.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Hi Kathy
Your springy things look fabulous. Love the cloche with the nest and that stand from goodwill...looks like a million bucks.
Hope you have a great week