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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alice Tags I Have Known

This week I received the Alice in Wonderland tag book from the swap Karla was hosting. I loved the color combination of my book with the red, white and light blue. Karla worked so hard on all of these and then ended up getting sick.  She's still a little under the weather.  Cheer her up and swing by her blog to say howdy!
This tag was made by Karla.  The little door in the bottom right hand side opens up. Karla also added a darling tiny bottle that says, "Drink Me."  So cute!
This cute vintagey Alice tag was done by Andre Tarling.
These two were done by Hope Ellington.  I especially love the red one with the white rabbit!
This tag by Nina Little was a soft ivory with lots of vintage touches.  Beautiful!
This cartoon Alice was done by Christine at  Lots of glitter and a pretty rose.
This tag looked like it came right out of a book.  I love Alice in the chair with her kitten.  This was made by Rochelle Gaukel

I just love this last one!  It was made by Dee Ann Head of Olathe, KS.

This was such fun.  I highly recommend this kind of a swap.  It really brightened up these old, grey, dreary, Chicago days.

2 comments: said...

I think these are the best kinds of swaps, you get such a variety. And if one person doesn't send in their stuff to trade, no one is hurt because its a big group, not a one on one.

Valerie said...

What some great Alice tags. So creative and quirky.