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Sunday, April 17, 2011


So today...instead of laundry and cleaning... I've been doing this.
Making bracelets.
Hand wiring the beads is rather addictive.
Of course, I can only do it during the day.
On account of
I'm old
I need real grown up glasses.

Instead of these that I get at Michaels
less my 40% off coupon.
But I really, really like these!!

Moving on -  today I can see
so here we go:

I found some old turquoise color beads
at the antique store
to add to the brilliant cherry red
of the Czech beads.
I love this color combination.

This one is more earthy and rustic.
I used the word organic
in my Etsy shop.
I don't really like the word organic.
I mean really.
What in heaven's name
is an organic bead?
Makes no sense!
If it makes no sense
it's NOT TRUE!
(Sorry.  I channeled Judge Judy there for a moment)

And really -
that statement isn't exactly right.
Lots of things make no sense
but they are true.
Jumbo shrimp for one. (old joke)
Actual reenactment.
Adult Children
Boneless ribs
Congressional Ethics

my personal favorite:
eschew obsfucation

I think I've strayed off the blogging path...
back to the organic bracelet.

But people seem to like that word.
So here's another picture
of my 
organic bracelet.
It has some nice Jasper, a sterling silver bead, a pottery bead,
and I'm not sure what the square bead is but I like it.
The two beads on either side are not really this bright shade of orange.
It kind of reminds me of a hot dog for some reason.
Maybe I'm just hungry.
Hold on.
I'm going to go and grab a Peep.
I'll be right back.
Talk amongst yourselves.

I love this one and I'm not really a
"pink" girl.
I found some cool old french enamel number plates
the last time we were in Chicago.
I added the number 21 to this one.
I added some rose quartz, and rhodonite
that Susan brought me back from 
the Tucson Gem Show.

I photographed it on
The Spice House catalogue
Pink Himalayan Salt.
This coincidentally was
the name of the bracelet.
I think I'm funny.
Apparently, it was lost on the 
Etsy crowd.
Not one hit
 until I changed the name.

Now it's called
Pink Bracelet No. 21
Judging by the only 3 hits I've gotten
that name isn't too popular either.
I could call it
Kosher Flake
Portugese Sea.
Neither of which sounds like a bracelet name.
But, both go with my picture.
Maybe I'll just forget it
call it a day.
Have a great Sunday!


Suz said...

You are so funny. I loved your Peep story. These bracelets are really quite nice and hand-wiring is addicting. This almost makes me want to go into my bead room where I have thousands of beads from my "business"...well, I haven't really figured out how to make money at in fifteen years but I sure have a lot of nice beads!!! I like your bracelets...a lot. I would buy them...if I didn't have a room of thousands of beads!


Susan said...

See, all those sugary peeps and use slam out several bracelets. I loved them all. FYI, birthday is in June. And it's going to be a big one.

sharon said...

I think you are funny and I like everything you are doing, especially the ORGANIC one!

Cameron said...

You watch your Etsy crowd closely, huh? Does it improve sales to change names like that? I never thought of it...but I'm sure you've got something there :D

Those are all lovely! ...and yes, technically a bead can be organic...this term means anything not quite perfect, nature-like, asymetrical even...I think it fits perfectly!

You crack a lot of us a good way ;P

Róisín said...

Aw Kathy, I have missed your blog! I've been slacking off once again but it's great to come back and find your usual laugh-out-loud wonderfullness waiting :) Love the braclets, by the way. And the Judge Judy moment (we get repeats of it on daytime tv over here, I have to admit it's a guilty pleasure). Oh, and as for the glasses, if you really love the frames - which are pretty fantastic - you can just get your optician to put the correct lenses in them for you.

Anyway, hope you are well my friend and thanks for the chuckles,
Roisin x

Amanda said...

Oh, man. Mom, organic, really? I hate that word when it's describing anything other than food.

So I will refrain from jumping on my soapbox.

You're welcome.