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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Wool and Happy Sheep

(Digital art by Lorie Davison at

The home of happy sheep!
The lady who comes to our library to teach us needle felting
raises the sheep from which the wool comes.
I envision them living like this.
I know they are happy sheep 
because she is the sweetest person
and tells us all about her sheep's
goings ons.

Needle felting is simply stretching out the wool
over the foam block
and jabbing it up and down with
those L shaped hooked needles
that you see above.
It's relatively easy.
Unless you stab yourself.
But if you don't injure yourself
you can end up with some pretty things.
I made this the other night.
I just sort of "winged" it.
No pattern.
Just keep shaping and stabbing the wool.
This is the back side.
I just formed the leaves
all the while jabbing the needle up and down.
To attach it to the flower you do the same
jabbing/stabbing motion.
It appears to be a menacing hobby
considering the wool comes from
such docile creatures.
YOU know I like sharp objects 
with my crafts.
And, the outcome is worth it.
Be sure you have your band-aids handy.
By the way
there was no blood-letting with this project.
I knew you were wondering about that.


Cameron said...

Wow...that's a 1st attempt? That's gorgeous!! Will you be making more...I hope, I hope! :)

Rebecca said...

I love sheep... and they gladly give that wool up in the spring, not now of course. Your first attempt is wonderful and it sounds like fun. I did some felting with llama wool but that process you put it into water and wrap it up and roll it... messy and a lot of work
Have a great week

The Quintessential Magpie said...

sweet. sweet. sweet. love this, k.

dropping by to let you know my 'puter is wonky. keys sticking. note the wonkiness of this post. see my blog for more. lol.

see you when i return, my friend.



Róisín said...

Oh, this looks wonderful and I love what you made! I'd love to give it a go myself but I'd doubt I'd find it as easy as yourself; you may be a tiny bit accident prone but you certainly are creative!

jenclair said...

My fingers looked like pin cushions when I first began needle felting! Love the flower, Kathy!