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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Help Me Rhonda

All Summer In A Day is the title of a Ray Bradbury short story.  
Stealing from my daughter's blog who stole this line from The Princess Bride, 
Let me explain
There is too much.
Let me sum up!
A short story that takes place on another planet 
where it rains all the time and is grey and gloomy.
The sun comes out for two hours
every seven years.
Last Saturday.
The sun came out.
And I made earrings.
My husband said,
"Kathy, do you want to..."
Before he could finish
I said,
"I must go outside in the sun
to photograph these!
Before it's too late.
Before it gets away from me.
I don't have much time."
Why does everything look better
in a rustic setting?
And before you knew it.
The sun starting slowly fading away.
I got a few last shots off.
Loaded up my old horse, Tex.
Saddled up
and headed off into the sunset.
Truth is-
I just walked in the back door.
It was a sad memory by the next morning.
I stood in the rain the following day
and took these pictures.

And now?
It's threatening snow.
More snow.
Help me Rhonda...

***Blatant advertising to follow***
All of these earrings
are available
in my Etsy shop.


Mac n' Janet said...

They are gorgeous, I will visit your shop.

Róisín said...

Kathy my dear! What a lovely post :) I've never read that story but I really must take a note of it. Oh, and your photos are beautiful, as are the earrings! Sorry to hear about your rain, strange for once we haven't had any rain all week. Anyway, at least it means the snow must have past :)

Róisín said...


Cameron said...

Oh no! Not more snow!!!

I can totally relate with the lighting situation! I had all my favorite spots in my old place to photograph items.....way tooo shady at the new place (or too sunny!)I have a window of a couple hours a day....when I remember. Thank goodness for photoshop "enhance photo" button :)

Beautiful earrings, My Dear! I love the bohemian vibe!!

Terri Kahrs said...

OMG! I haven't read Bradbury in YEARS -- however, you DID describe our winter -- totally sunless 'til the last few days (said quietly so as not to jinx us). I've got a bunch of pics to take too, but sadly will have to have my DH hold a flashlight 'cuz rain is scheduled for tomorrow and Monday!!! LOVE tose earrings!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Rebecca said...

I can't believe yesterday we had a whole day of sunshine!!! I got so much done and it was a beautiful memory now...I suppose we will have to pay for that day of excess.
Blessings at least no snow...