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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Enough Red Gummed Labels to Last

I went to two great estate sales on Friday.

I found a lovely selection of "bits and bobs" as my English friend calls these types of things.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.  You can see how pretty that pearl encrusted piece is.

I found some pretty handkerchiefs.  The bottom one is quite sparkly.  You can never have too many handkerchiefs.  Well, I suppose you could in a Grey Gardens kind of way.

I found a great selection of twill tape, seam binding, and old lace.

Then we went to sale number two.  A small town northeast of where we live.  Apparently, the person whose home was having the estate sale was a former pharmacist.  He had loads of old bottles half full of elixers and various scary liquids.  I learned from Beth that old, possibly potent chemicals in bottles probably shouldn't be messed with.  I didn't buy any of those.

I did buy this.  It smells like heaven.
You thought it would smell bad, didn't you?
I thought at the very least it would be very, very strong.
Not so much.  It's quite pleasant actually.
I haven't the slightest idea what to do with it.
Did you notice the red gummed label that was hand typed?
I love red gummed labels.
Perhaps I was denied red gummed labels as a small child.
Perhaps, there was some fabulous toy I had that has a wonderful, yet vague memory of red gummed labels attached to it.      
I do not know why, but I love red gummed labels.

Actually, I bought an entire box full.  It had some other spiffy things in it as well.


Red gummed labels come in all sizes.  I love that!

The box also contained these itty bitty round cardboard boxes.  I think they were made to hold pills.  They stack together quite nicely. I could affix teeny tiny red gummed labels to them, I suppose.
I don't really know what to do with all of those darn red gummed labels.
I guess I didn't realize that there were quite so many...
When I figure it out, I'll post something.
Stay tuned.
Meanwhile, if there's ever a red gummed label shortage, you'll know where to come.


Into Vintage said...

You are very brave to have not only purchased that bottle of questionable liquid, but to have opened it and SMELLED it. Very brave indeed. -amy

Susan said...

Wow....excellant FINDS!!!! I was just looking for a gummed label..........not really!! said...

Lucky the bottle had the correct label on it, huh? I wonder how long it has been in there, seems like lavender smell lasts a long time.

Those red labels will be great in lots of projects!

Queen Bee said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! I have many tubs and bins filled with "bits and bobs". It's almost an obsession...I would rather have a bunch of little things than one large expensive item! Oh and the red labels....FABULOUS!

Denise :)

Beth Leintz said...

Drooling over the red gummed labels- everything actually but the pharmacy stuff is so cool. A while back I found a box of little tiny red gummed labels and shortly after found a box of little glass vials- of course I had to marry them together.

Beth Leintz said...

Here's a picture of my little labeled bottles:

intrigue designs said...

Hi Kathy,

Where were the estate sales? Were you at the one in Hampshire? I bought a few adorable aprons at the Hampshire sale. We passed on some pharmacy bottles as well!


Susan S. said...

Great finds! Love the bits and all our UK friends say (I think that a cute phrase have have now adopted it...even though I'm TEXAN)!



Anita said...

I love them too. This looks like a fun find. Can't wait til some sales start again here in Iowa- if this ice ever stops...