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Sunday, August 15, 2010

How The Heck Are Ya?

Say there.  How are you?  I'm doing well.  I've been........
mostly doing nothing.
And a whole lot
some things.
I've been busy with the soldering gun.
This horrible - ur...ummm...rustic looking thing
is one of my first tries.

"Do ya feel LUCKY, punk?  Well DO YA?!"
Yeah.  I feel like that.
Not necessarily while looking at this piece.  
It was a valiant attempt for a first time.
I was lucky at the Goodwill on these feather birds.
I just love old feather birds.
They have such character.
Here's a feather pin I found at a garage sale. 
The bird that this used to belong to 
apparently didn't own any 4-leaf clovers.
I'm guessing he wasn't so lucky.
This is some really cool tissue paper I bought.
I felt pretty lucky finding this.
The luckiest thing to happen this week?
Clear skies so that I was able to sit outside
and watch these.
The August Perseid meteor showers.
The astronomers say that the peak viewing has past 
but the meteors don't know that.
You'll see them off and on all month.
Late at night.
Just remember


Nogrinnin said...

Luck is where you find it.

Based on those meteor shots, I'd say you're rolling pretty lucky right now! :-)

A Vintage Chic said...

So much fun in this post! Glad you caught some of the meteor shower--it's been too foggy for us every night...maybe tonight...?

Hope your weekend has been great!


Ellie said...

Love this post; My daughter and I walked last night and saw a few! It is a spectacular show~

D.Suplicki said...

I always seem to miss the perseids, even during their peak. Some day I'll see them!

You may think your clover is 'rustic', but I think it's quite pretty. :)

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

Kathy!!! You lucky girl! It was too cloudy for us to see them - I wanted to so badly - in fact I just realized I created a collage called ' catch a falling star' that next day and never connected the dots.
Oh - and great finds too - I love your winking tea cup.
Oh oh and one more thing - how did you capture such amazing sky photos? best thing to seeing them myself...thanks for that.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Kathy, I love your attempt. It's wonderful! And I love all of your great finds. I might intrigue you more by telling you that I found a similar feather pin in Scotland at Glamis Castle, the ancestral home of the Queen Mother. So look for a silver mark on that one. It could be Scottish!

Hope you are well. I'm taking a break from my exile to see what is going on in the Land of Blog (I almost said Blob... a Freudian slip, no doubt), and I hear my jealous mistress (aka my house) calling my name. See you in September when I come up for air!


Sheila :-)

Josh said...

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Róisín said...

Another wonderful post as ever Kathy :) We were supposed to have a meteor shower last week too but the clouds didn't part till it was well and truly over. Oh well, at least I got to some amazing shots here! Anyway, just thought I’d let your know there’s a wee award waiting for you on my blog if you fancy it. If awards aren’t really your thing then worry not, it’s just a bit of fun and to let you know how wonderful I think you are. Hope you're having a nice day,
Roisin x